Nikkie's Cookies

Made with over 35% pure Wisconsin Farmer rBST free Butter, Nikki's buttery shortbread cookies are like no other cookies you will ever taste. The unique mixing process gives them a light and buttery texture that makes them melt in your mouth. This old family recipe was brought over from Blyburough England in 1629. Nikki added the 5 delicious flavors including Key Lime, Meyer Lemon, Maple Syrup, Snickerdoodle,(cinnamon & sugar) and Pecan. There is more butter in Nikki's Cookies than any other cookie on the market yet they are naturally low in sugar, sodium and carbs compared to other cookies.


Nikki's Cookies is the first company in America to Market Shortbreads made in America. We are located in Wisconsin, the dairy state. We are also the first company in America to market flavored shortbreads